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Cheeky Planters Melbourne


We go to our suppliers and handpick our plants carefully ourselves. All our plants are EASY to care for and have been picked so that a beginner plant lover can have success. Cheeky Green plants come in a large 20cm nursery pot or mini 13cm nursery pot and with a saucer to avoid water leakage. 

  • We get easy to care plants that are hard to kill.
  • You do not need to repot your plant. It is happy how it is! 
  • We provide you with a care card with plant specific information.
  • We have a brand new Facebook Group that you can join where you can post plant care questions and where we will post plant care tips.
  • If you have any specific plant questions please email us
  • We love chatting plants!


TOP ROW: Devil's Ivy, Umbrella Plant

BOTTOM ROW: Snake Plant, Ribbon Plant

Our biggest tip is to neglect your plants more than you think! Nat's most common mistake in the past was over caring and giving plants too much water. Most plants only need water every couple of weeks and only once soil is dry. You can recover from underwatering but overwatering is hard to recover from. Even green thumbs manage to kill plants sometimes, so don't be too hard on yourself! 

Watch for signs: Peace Lily is a plant that needs lots of water, but it tells you when it is thirsty. Its leaves start drooping. Water immediately and you will slowly watch the plant come to life again that day.