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Cheeky Green planters are designed by talented Australian female artists and are made ethically here in Melbourne. Our fun and vibrant plants and planters are a unique and thoughtful way to send a plant gift to a loved one. Not only do our planters dress up a boring nursery pot and save you from repotting, but they are a limited edition work of art, designed to bring joy to every home.

Our planters are the perfect sustainable gift! They look fantastic and can be reused for many purposes if you decide your plant needs a change. Think toy storage, fruit basket, LEGO basket, toilet paper holder, funky paper waste bin..... 

  • They are made in Melbourne by a small family run workshop.
  • We print the fabrics on organic cotton canvas at a local printer in Abbotsford.
  • Our printer is accredited by Ethical Clothing Australia 
  • All chemical and colourants used in the printing process are Oeko-Tex approved.
  • Printed using Sustainable printing methods where no water is utilised and there is no ink wastage.
  • Designs are by female Australian artists, who earn commission from every print run. Our own Sid, designed two of the seven prints herself.

    *** Please Note: Colours of fabrics may appear differently depending on your screen. No filters are used in the photo editing process and extreme care is taken to represent the product as close to real life as possible.